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This powerful story resonated within my heart.
"And in a moment the river He is and the river He called me to bemerged."
Oh, what a picture this paints in my mind!

Thank you for the blessing. You lifted me up to a higher place!

Wow. Just awesome!
This is powerful. It lifted my spirit from first word to last.
It's so hard to comment on your pieces. Anything I say is inadequate. Mercy! Have you been there or what! Now I want to go too! I think I have found a consistent word to your pieces though. It is woo! ;) Only you could make a word like woo, work!!! Excellent. Absolutely exhillerating!
I'm with Sue - woo!! ;)You write with such beautiful, artistic brushstrokes. This is just lovely!
Beautiful, poetic writing! The rhythmn and flow is beautiful and captures how therapeutic and soothing water can be, yet ultimately you've captured that our Lord's presence provides this in an even more perfect way. Thanks for sharing.
Absolutely mesmerizing. I love your repetition of "Somewhere on another shore..." So, so beautiful.
The tranquility of your writing flows effortlessly. It's like poetry within a story. It's articulated in such a poetic language which I consider a true gift. Thanks for sharing your uniqueness once again. :) Jo
WOW! That's about all I can say! This is sooooo powerful!

As I read, I kept thinking: livingwaterlivingwaterlivingwater.

My favorite line:
"What had happened to my inadequacies, my dryness, my pain? I didnt know. I didnt remember. It didnt matter. Waters were whispering sighs of promised love."

Beautiful imagery. Beautiful message. Beautiful, period. :-)
Awesome! Truly Spirit-filled writing here with breathtaking descriptions and images of the true River of Life. Wow, imagine what we have to look forward to.
The wording was dreamlike but very expressive. It transported me to a very peaceful place. Thanks for this wonderful writing!
Beautiful! Poetry in prose. I loved the image of the dry and cracked soaking it all in. Very good work.
In a word: excellent. God bless. xx
Congratulations, Brenda!
Woo hoo Brenda! Way to go. Congrats on your win.
This is just magnificent. Your choice of words - the content - everything. Wow - I'm blown away.

Congratulations on your "Third Place" win!

I've waited for so long to be able to comment! This is incredible writing -- I can feel the peacefulness of the "river" as we are beckoned to "come"! Poetic prose at its best!

God bless you, my friend, as you continue to grow in your gifts and talents! Very, very well done ... AWESOME!
THIRD PLACE!!! Congratulations Brenda. Seeing your name there made me so happy to see your talent be rewarded.
God bless.
Lovely descriptions. Congrats on your 3rd place win.