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An incredibly tender love story wrapped around the theme!

Her eyes now pearls of promise moistened by tears of repentance, radiate a new found joy.

This seems to be the most beautiful transition of all! I love the pearls of promise coupled with the repentance! Incredible imagery!

This is an amazing piece of writing! Amazing!!!!!
"Ahhh, sweet mystery, sweet melodyThe Lord thy God in the midst of thee is mighty, He will save, He will rejoice over thee with joy; He will rest in His Love, He will joy over thee with singing." I love these words! I love this powerful story woven with the touch of the Master's hand!

This is very, dare I say, Tolkienish? To describe a rose as just a rose would be soooo easy to do. But to make us feel it, smell it, breath it Ahhhhhh! I could feel the anguish and rejoiced in the sweet release!! Magnificent!
Simply beautiful! Your words, so deep. Very creative. I've added this to my favorites as I love your way with words and the message woven within.
Such masterful writing! So much meaning on so many levels. I'm still thinking about what it means to me. Pack your bags! I think you're moving out of intermediates! :-)
Outstanding creativity, well presented. My choice at this level.
WOW! This piece is so intense that I had to read it very slowly to try and absorb the many things that you were trying to put across. The lines in italics almost provide the voice of an additional narrator overseeing it all - you may not have intended this but I felt it gave it a special heavenly and ethereal quality.
I especially love this paragraph: "Fear, the bearer of her panic, assaults her, threatens her and numbers her flaws, her past failed attempts. Deception releases fogs of treachery, obscuring triumphs, belittling offerings to her King."

How often the enemy throws our past into our faces, making us feel unfit for use in God's kingdom. Thanks for the creative way you reminded us that we all, in spite of our past, are vessels that can be used for God's glory. Beautiful!
The poetry of this is simply beautiful!!
This is outstanding! You manage to find and deliver much depth from the words you've chosen with precision. Almost poetic in language. I hope this claims noteworthy praise. Blessings. :)
Beautiful, rich, mystic, lyrical... a melody in itself... excellent writing...
Very poetic with the repetition of phrase and great use of alliteration. It was just enough to add to the flow without becoming noticeable and silly. Nicely done. :)
This was simply captivating. I especially loved the lines, little foxes, they came and stole her song. Wonderful imagery. I also really liked your wrap-around: how it went from sheer panic grips her to sheer joy grips her. Wonderful writing!
This is amazing - I predict a move up for you this time, girl!! Just beautiful and tactile and gorgeous. This is absolutely poetic.
This is a really storng piece of writing that can be read and interpreted on many levels. I really appreciated: 'Her lips part only to find silence.' It is impossible to praise when we have no joy! Darn those little foxes. :-) yeggy