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You really put some hard hitting, thought provoking ideas in my head. You did a great job.
What I like - I loved the conclusions you made here. It is hard hitting and makes you think. I like the to the point style but not preachy.
What I might change - I understand what you are doing but not sure of the layout of the last sentence...don't know why or how I would change it because it needs to be said that He said it is finished. Maybe the punctuation??Hmmm...just a thought. Good writing all the way!!
I liked your take on the topic. A couple things came to my attention. In the second paragraph the last line about how much more will a little confusing. In the third paragraph "regardless of whom" should be "who". Other than that, I liked this. It is a good reminder to all Christians.
Good work.
Once again, excellent and mature writing.The only thing that stands out for me, is that the piece is "finished" for me on the last "it is finished" Take off the last line and read it and see what you think.