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This is a very cute take on the red carpet shows. If more people would stand up for their Christian beliefs like your last "celebrity" did, then the world would be a very different place, and so would Hollywood!

What I liked - The title, of course, first. I liked your spin on how the cross is used by celebrities.
What I might change - sometimes it was hard to read the many ooooo's on everything but I know you needed them. Also it was a little predictable - that can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how the ending goes. I think you cut to the point but what if the announcer had done something else than what we expected? Again - from a reader's viewpoint only!:)
If I was judging this week (which I'm not), this would rate very high in every category. Extremely creative and well crafted, well written with a touch of humor and a poignant message. It started and ended well, and the title was perfect ("great titles" are not a category for judging but it rated high in my book! LOL) In my opinion, this piece was wonderful all around. Gets me in the mood for the Emmys, which (not so?) coincidentally air this weekend. Excellent work!
I think I must be out of the loop on television shows (maybe because we don't have one:):). HOwever, it's an interesting story. The cross is treated with too little respect, for sure. Thanks for sharing this.
Having just watched the Emmy Awards (though I can't think why I wasted the time!) and hearing a very rude remark about God by one of the winners (which was rebroadcast on some news clips later), your article reminded me of how upside down society is — the good embarrasses us and we laugh at the evil. Thanks for the very well written reminder.
Very creative and fun - a well deserved win! Congratulations!!!
How funny! And a great message! Congrats on your win!
Congratulations Elaine, I enjoyed your perspective of how the cross is perseved differently by those who wear one. For a long time, I debated about wearing a cross my husband bought me for an anniversary because I didn't want to appear "sanctimoneous", but I love feeling Christ close to me and remembering "who I am", so now I wear it without regard for what others might think. May God continue to bless you as you write and honor Him.