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I like your article. Sometimes we try to "pretty up" the hard things our Jesus did for us. It is important to remember that Jesus died a painful, humiliating and horrible death for me. For me. We can say it so quickly without realizing the ramifications. So much to be thankful for. Thanks for the reminder this evening as I sat down to read.
Just a little slice-of-life, tenderly written. Very good.
Wonderful characterization, and an amazing message. I SO wanted to hear more - the sign of wonderful writing!
Very nice! It calls for more ... how did the people react when they saw the cross? Did the roughness add to the realism of the Easter play? I can see you going farther with this and further developing it to a beautiful and meaningful story! Good work! :)
What I like - I loved the characterization. Very real right down to the tiny details. I liked how they paused and contemplated at the end. I liked your middle concept about how the wood didn't have to be beautiful. You've managed to say so much in few words.
What I might change - perhaps the length as I was left wanting more. As someone else mentioned, maybe ending it with the reaction of the people in church or something.
You write well!