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This gave me chills and tears in my eyes.

How beautiful and how heart peircing.

It's a must read, again, and again.

Loved the words and format.
This cuts straight through to the truth of the gospel! Who am I? Scar provider. What an image! Such a creative angle, yes, chillingly true and real. Wonderfully written!
Wow! I've added this to my favorites. I hope this places.

May the Lord continue to guide your quill as you write for the glory of Him.
Looking for a word to describe this - maybe riveting?? So much is said in so few words. Very well done! Just one of my favorite parts:

"crimson spurts forth,
covers me,
drips to the ground -
red pool of redemption."

Redemption rescues us from a sense of powerlessness - praise God! Redemption sets us free from whatever enslaves us - praise God! Redemption purchases our freedom because we are so loved - praise God!

"Who am I?
One who attaches
innocence to a cross...."

These are the words that jumped out at me. Such depth of insight, emotion, creative wordsmithing. Wonderful piece!
Very moving, very powerful and very creative! Excellent twist from the nail's perspective. I agree with everyone else. This is very well done! Great job, Laurie! :-)
You're a very gifted poet dear friend. Thank you for such an honest heart-rendering view from a nails perspective. I would never have thought to do what you have so skillfully accomplished. Bless you!
Exquisitely told . . .