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As a fellow Jew who has found Jesus, I found this quite delightful! I found your tone, however, a bit TOO conversational (in my opinion, anyway!), and I'd love to hear more about WHY you think that maybe the Star of David is Christ. Curious how a non-Jew, unfamiliar with all the "Jew terms" will feel about it! Thanks for writing!
As a non-Jew with Jewish (biblical) ancestors, I loved this piece! I say "Oy vey" all the time. Anyhow, I enjoyed the conversational tone. I felt like we were wondering (wandering?) together. Well, we are, aren't we?
I really like your voice here. I feel like you're chatting with me, and I can see you gesturing and hear your inflections. Excellent.
Awesome . . . I too enjoyed the conversational tone. It was a lot of fun and kept my interest well. Enjoyed learning more about the Star of David. It put a smile on my face--thanks for sharing.
Here's a Gentile comment: to gamblers, the number 7 is considered lucky. Could this have a Jewish origin? Anyway, enjoyed your entry. Oh, that one about the 7 spirits of God. I tried to do research on this once since it intrigued me but found nothing & it still remains a mystery.