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What a bold testimony to the awesome power of Jesus Christ to save, deliver, and heal not only one person but an entire family! Beautiful writing with powerful imagery. I can feel your pain, your agony, and your victory! It's a shame you were limited to 750 words, but you painted a powerful picture within the limit.

I found myself between my valley and His Mountain, teetering on the edge of decision.

Like the Great Shepherd He is, He led you to the edge of decision! You followed, He did the work of cleansing and restoring! Awesome testimony! Very well done! :)
You painted a piercing picture of struggle in the shadow of death, thank you for showing me the mountain top!
How powerful is the love of God, well written.
WoW! That was some valley! What a journey! I agree to pack all of that into 750 words with impact was an impressive job!!!
Awesome testimony written from your heart. God bless you. In Christ's Love,
I love this! It shows in a powerful way the grace and mercy of God. He can bring us out of any valley. Thanks!
Your pain and agony were so real that I found it an emotionally difficult read so to speak. But relief came with your wonderful line of:
"In the night Jesus came in a dream, washing me up to the foot of a large mountain." A remarkable testimony - thank you for sharing it.
WOW - this is amazingly wonderful and wonderfully amazing! Brenda - I think you're headed higher, girl! Don't know what else to say other than this is blessed writing!
Great testimony! Great descriptions throughout. I was amazed at the powerful way you described her agony and the path to Jesus!:) One note, check the fourth paragraph for a missing word...otherwise...this is just perfect!!
This is weird, when I first looked for the missing word, "drew" was not there. I refreshed and "drew" was in the fourth paragraph. Am I blind? What am I missing?
WOW! I'm hoping this is a winner! Top-notch writing!
I wonder how we would respond if someone ran in yelling like that. But then again, perhaps it's what some churches need to wake us up. Well done. I think most of us have felt that desparate at some time.
This is very dark and gripping. I especially like the paragraph about life passing before her eyes day by day, minute by minute, etc. Excellent work. I hope you place.
Great opening, great testimony of God's love protecting us and leading us to Him, and I too would like to see this free to be written with as many words as it needs.