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If father had been Father, I'd have had a clue that it was Biblical. You captured my attention quickly & surprised with Jonah. Enjoyed this quick reminder about obedience.
Oooh, good job! This one's awesome!
Great descriptions and thought provoking. Nicely done!
Powerful story in a limited number of words. Your descriptions are excellent.

One small typo (breathe instead of breath).

Nice work with the twist at the end. Wonderfully done.
You got me on ths one. Couldn't figure out where it was going until it was almost over. Super job with Jonah. Only one sentence I had a lil trouble with, but the rest was awesome. Excellent job!! God bless.
This packs a powerful punch! I definitely did NOT catch on until you hit me with the "Jonah brick" at the end. Excellent lesson in obedience. I enjoyed this!
As some of the teenagers I know would say, "Dude! You rock!"

Great piece of writing. Loved the detailed descriptions of his surroundings. Totally thought he was somewhere else.

Very good writing. Loved the detail. Great job.