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great story! excellent writing all the way. It flowed and came to a good conclusion as well as a good opening paragraph.
...I leaned into the comfort of God’s holy silence... I loved this sentence, and then was delighted when you returned to the "leaning" picture at the end of this grace-filled devotional.
Wow, can I ever relate to this forgotten memory. I can't tell you how many times I have misplaced some heirloom, sought God, and then found it. What a testimony to our children of our God's loving hand in our lives. Thanks for sharing . . . great writing!
It is amazing how God cares about the little things in our lives. This shows clearly in your story. Great work!
Thanks for sharing this. What a lovely story. As a mother, I can really appreciate your feelings--well told.
Currently I've been extremly forgetful, thank-you for reminding me to lay it at Our Lords feet. This touched me in a special way. Thanks for sharing.
Oh, this is a beautiful devotional! Touching and filled with His love.
A sweet story.
hit the button too soon, it's amazing how God can remind us of things, if we just take the time to ask Him -well done :)
Beautifully written with a beautiful message! Very, very nice! :)
It is so often in the stillness that we hear God's word. Thanks for writing this charming story and it's a plus because it's true. Nicely done!
08/15/06 sweet this is! It's a very well written story (and if it's true) must bring some heartfelt feelings to the surface for you. I love this sentence: "I became completely still, suspended in a rare moment without thought - only peace." Sounds to me like those "God" moments I often get. Nice job! :)
Jen, congrats on being highly commended!