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I love everything about this--the unique structure, the 4th and 5th stanzas, and the lovely word choices. Beautifully done.
This is wonderful! Very beutiful. Gosh, it's gonna give my story a run for it's money!
Inspired and truly beautiful beyond words! This is exactly what I needed to read this morning! I'm just going to nestle in my Lord's lap, and let Him deal with the problem that's giving me so much concern right now. Thank you, dear author.
Excellent poem! Your structure is flawless, but the message is even better. We all need the reminder to rest in our Father's lap when we can't see which way to go; He will take care of us.


Lovely, lovely! I like the structure very much - very effective. I "feel" the image of not being able to see...but not needing to see and resting comfortably in the Lord's lap!

In my own life sometimes supernatural clarity knocks my socks off...and yet...some things appear foggy and dim....perhaps until I'm at least temporarily blinded. And yet that only assures more intimacy with the Father!!

Nicely done.


An accurate description of the feeling of being lost and alone...and then finding God in the midst of turmoil. What wonderful releif and rest. Marvelously written.
Oh Laurie, this is such a sweet and restful reminder to all of us, to just "nestle, don't wrestle" (in the words of Corrie ten Boom). Beautiful writing!