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Ahhh, yes! Dark Yet Lovely! What a beautiful picture of transformation and intimacy!

He touches me, calls me His beloved, pulls me from my seclusion into His habitation. He lifts my head. I am unafraid of what I will see. Is that me? Am I the fairest of all? I have captured His heart! I am ravished for Him.

I can see this so vividly as if it is me He is speaking to. My response echoes deep within me ... "Is that me? Am I the fairest of all?" How can that be? And, yet, He bids me "Come"!

Truly awesome -- you captured the voice of the Bridegroom to His beloved! Magnificent! :)

Absolutely beautiful.
What a precious, lovely entry! Beautiful!
Okay, wait, let me go get my paintbrush and paints. Oh, darn, it's useless. I could never capture the beauty of these words on canvas. Gosh, I don't think anybody could! Except of course . . . hmmmmm . . .Exquisite job . . .hmmmmmmm Now, off to read it again!
After reading this I had to close my eyes for a moment and allow the essence of your words to embrace my soul.
You blessed and inspired me!
So many beautiful words in lovely arrangement. A truly wonderful piece of writing. Great job!
First I added this to my list of favorites, now I can tell you how beautiful this story is. Double WOW! I hope this places.
Excellent! I'm hoping this one places, too!
Very nice!
What a wonderful inspirational piece. I particular love the questions that are scattered throughout - it sets a lovely tone of self doubt and questioning that is then answered with the greatest answer of all. Thanks for sharing.
Oh, this is BEAUTIFUL. I don't know what else to say. I LOVED IT!!