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A harrowing read. You've written the personal struggle well.
"Yes, my child, you have sinned. But I came, and died that you may live without sin. And now that you know this, you will go on to do a far greater things than you had ever dreamt. You, my beloved son, will do my work, you will bring life to those who have but a thread of hope to live. And you will do it well."

Wonderful, inspiration at its best!!
This is fine as it is, but in my opinion, it would be stronger without that epiphany, the neat wrap-up at the end. As I read it, the incongruity of his job, the horrible way he'd sold his soul, really came through, without any need to drive the point home. Better, I think, to let the reader discover it for herself. But this is just opinion - see what others say. A good job.
Very vivid and harrowing - excellent writing! This really made me think. I feel that the "epiphany" was a bit too clean cut, but otherwise, this was wonderful!
very moving - well written, good flow. I like how you took the doctor from life giver to life taker, and then crying for help. I think the last paragraph could have been left out. I like the way you captured the essence of his thoughts.