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What a wonderful piece! Excellently written, your entry flowed smoothly and held my interest throughout. Loved the tribute to your mother and her sister (I'm assuming this was true). Very well done! I'm impressed.
What a wonderful tribute!! This is well written, and a wonderful, wonderful story of a life of God's work. I really enjoyed this!!
Ditto to everything said above; it was a wonderful entry. Thanks for sharing!
Just for the record, this piece is entirely fictitious!
I was trying to portray the working lives of two very similar people but lived out with totally different intent. I don't normally write in the first person but it seemed to work out OK in this instance.
Thanks for all your postive comments so far.
Master writing! Love the way you paint with your words!
A wonderful story idea having identical twins and sharing how they were similar and how they had chosen to live differently. The plans they had for living out the rest of their lives was also very revealing. Lovely writing: "..their champagne blonde hair fading to grey." Very well done.
What a wonderful real life down to earth story with such an excellent use of descriptive language. I agree, you kept my attention with the hopes the others would see the light and I pray they do. You are wonderful story teller. Blessings Brenda
Great story. I cannot believe it's not a true story. You wrote it is such a believable way. Thanks for writing it.