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Very nice. This makes me think of other victims of natural disasters -- and the help that hopefully comes.
A wonderful tribute to community - something that isn't seen much anymore. Well done.
How totally beautiful. I wept too!
Very good writing. I especially liked your first couple of paragraphs. Very compelling and interesting. I liked how everyone came together and helped in the end.
Lovely piece. This is a subtle point, and not necessarily a criticism, but the 'feel' of the first paragraph and a half was quite idfferent to the 'feel' of the next part - it was quite a jar to realise that all was not well in this family. That may have been your intention, or it may not. Personally, I found it mildly distracting. A very subtle point, as I say, which indicates that I thought this was a strong piece of writing, and I don't think I'll be finding you in beginners for many more weeks!