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I think you had a good idea here and I would have liked to see you flush it out a bit more. It would have read easier with quotation marks. I have read it several times and am left feeling as though it is unfinished.
I think I eventually got the idea you were driving at. It was a little difficult at first reading, but a clever method nevertheless.
I enjoyed the opening and how you bartered...but I never found out what the pricless object was.
I think I got a confused a little as to what it was they were bargaining for. At first I thought it was a bible and then maybe salvation? Definite good dialog going here and I think 150 more words would have brought it full circle!
I agree with everyone else. You were on to something. Nice diaglog. It has good bones, though. :) Joanne
WOW! This very funny!
Me! I'm the worn out thing the devil wanted. I may look a mess, but, like the Lord said, I'm precious to Him." Loved the story!!
I would have liked if you would have defined it more and developed it
further. Your points are excellent just more detail.
This was very good, but I'm a little confused. Maybe you could have been a bit more clear as to what or whom they were talking about? Other than that, I thought this was a wonderful piece! You have talent!
I love reading all the older challenges. I've read your more recent ones, too, and you've come a long way. Good job.