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Great characterization of the animals - I definitely didn't figure it out until you told me outright! Fabulous story will a well woven in lesson. Thanks for sharing it!
Excellent lesson presented in a very creative way. I liked it! One question (and I am asking out of ignorance so don't know for sure) - I didn't think that farmers used bulls to plough - too volatile. But this was great stuff anyway.
I loved this for the lesson it taught. Good illustration but it should have been oxen, not bulls. It was well written though. Nice work!
Wonderful lesson! The dialogue was excellent! I'm not sure about the use of bulls to plow, but that seemed a minor point easily corrected.

Great twist at the end when we find out the complaining 'field hand' was actually a plow animal being trained for the yoke. All that time, I was thinking Moe should plant a size thirteen boot to the young guy's lazy bottom! Laugh's on me!

Great job!