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You have some wonderful truths in here, and very nicely put together! Great job of weaving your and your father's experience with Paul's (though I admit I did a double take when you implied that Paul had seen late-night infomercials!!!). A lesson we all need to learn.
AMEN!! Too many people these days expect something for nothing. They expect everything to be handed to them with little to no effort on their part. Good write.
Loved the toilet paper example. One little thing - you might want to rework the paragraph on Paul being a pastor and a missionary, unless of course, you meant to imply that these people don't know the meaning of working for a living. Good writing and a good message.
I have to agree, the Charmin line was priceless. I'll be sharing that at work for sure. Nice story, good job.
God Bless.
Gee, I disagree. A person can work very hard, and not receive any recognition, or raises, or acknowledgement that they are any more than a robot at their work. There are many selfish people in businesses. Your article was an easy flow from one idea to the next, I just don't agree with the thoughts.
Our receptionist had a job like that. She worked nine months as a parking lot attendent in our building. But every day, she would give me a cheerful greeting as I paid my parking. She went out of her way to make people feel better. Next time we had an opening, I hired her. I stand by my claim. Do your work well and promotion will come.