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I really liked this story! I had an inkling from the title what your story would be about. It was very well done and had an ending that made me smile.
Cute. I liked this a lot. Good job.
An unusual take on the theme but I loved it! You captured little Elliot's character very well. It really made me smile.
A delightful story, strong characterization, I love that even when he gets injured it didn't zap his energy. Great story!!
Very nice! It moved along well and came to a cute ending! You might want to consider dropping some dialogue tags - the she said, he cried etc and make it more show. I had a really good writer here suggest that to me and it made a big difference in my story.:) Just a thought!
The story flows so well. You have a great talent for writing. This is one of my favourites in beginners.
This is very cute, and left me breathless (and thankful for having had girls...) There were a few points when I felt Elliot's speech not quite right for his age, but it didn't detract from the charm of this story.
Loved it! This read like someone more advanced than beginners..I don't think you'll be here for long! You're talented.
I enjoyed this story. Well done.
A cute story. Very effective to set apart the sentence "and walk..." Well done.
What a cute story. I really enjoyed the ending.
Very interesting, entertaining and delightful story of a "different" of hurricane. Did a bang-up job on the wordsmithing of this little piece. Nicely done.
I was expecting a hurricane, but yes, little children can be as well. You did a good job of capturing his high energy level. Enjoyed the story. Keep writing
Congrats on placing 2nd Joanne!

May the Lord continue to guide your quill as you write to glorify HIM!
Joanne! Wow! I told you just ten minutes ago that God was going to bless you abundantly and to be expectant, but this is RIDICULOUS! 2nd place! Congratulations! I am SO happy for you! It was well deserved, I might add. It was a very simple story, with well used humor. It was well written, too. No fluff. It was a "doing" piece, not a "telling" piece. I could learn alot from you!
I echo many of your other comments - a great fun story, nicely written. A well deserved win. I was about to write that I also agreed with Jan, that this made me thankful for having girls, but in the few moments it took to write this comment, I had my three swirl through the room giggling and bossing me about ... hmmm!
Joanne, a well deserved win. Congratulations. This was a splendid piece of writing. The title was a terrific description of that little boy. You are anointed to write. Joanne is writing easy for you? I believe it is. God Bless! Carol Gray
Reading the old along with the new. This article is especially cute (in spite of the tragedy). I can just see Elliot telling Mrs. Grayson to WALK!