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I loved your story and the way that you had a cat as the main character. I agree with your message too. I hope that all who read it remember your message. Well done!
I love the cat's perspective. I would never have thought of it. Very clever...and wonderful message.

-Andrea :)
A really cute story from the perspective of a cat; however, unless the Judges see cats as having "souls" may be disappointed - but I LOVED IT> kept me interested and smiling. Thanks.
I think this writer is using the cat as representing the human. Kind of like a fiction story nothing real.
The title of the story is unique and goes along well with the message.
You know, I started reading and thought, "Oh, no. Not another cat piece to wade through," but, once I caught on to the voice, I enjoyed it. This cat could be my youngest. The title was so fitting, too. Nice job!
Fresh and crisp writing. I enjoyed reading your entry. I'm not a cat person.(please no booing) but the voice kept me going. You write well and are able to minister your point without hitting me over the top of the head. Good job. I guess its true, save the best (or one of) for last.
God Bless!!!
This is very clever! I liked all the lessons intertwined with each of the lives. An entertaining story, but speaks volumes at the same time. Great job!
Very cute! I am a cat person, but I loved that you gave us the aha! moment at the end to bring it into the realm of the object lesson. A few minor apostrophe and cpitalization errors, but nothing to interfere with this charming piece. My Sophie gives it 5 "purrs."
My Sassy give it ten paws up!

Seriously, I really enjoyed this creative story, the message came shinning through.