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Compelling story - if it is true, it must be SO cathartic to share here! What a lesson to learn!
I agree, this is a compelling story. Good job.
Written well & a wonderful reminder that the eyes are the window to the soul.
I love it -- looking at "Lous" in the mirror ... "Soul"! What a change our Creator has made to our souls! Very good! :)
This is a very creative angle to do for 'soul'. I liked it alot. The only thing I saw was a missing word in your second sentence 'tender loving ---care---, I'm guessing is what you wanted to say, but you've probably caught that by now. This really demonstrates that verse in Proverbs..guard your heart for out of it flow the issues of paraphrase. Great job!
I wondered if this was where you were going. Lovely story of growth and maturity in Him. Well written!
Good job :)
An interesting and creative approach to the topic. "Without my soul I'd be an empty vessel..." Well done.
This is a fun approach to the topic! There's a run-on sentence in the first paragraph, and a few other grammar glitches, but I really enjoyed the gradual realization of who/what "Lous" is (very REVELC...) I liked this.
Good job. I liked the way you talked about your soul as a separate individual. Really great approach.
'She cried about how much they had cost her. I told her they were costing more then she knew.'
Very profound. Great story.
A very nice, honestly written entry. Your sencerity comes through in your writing. I can tell you really believe and walk what you write.
God Bless!
Creative and well written. I wasn't sure where you were headed in the opening lines, I like the turn and the ending.
I really enjoyed your entry. I loved trying to figure out who Lous was! (Lous is soul spelled backwards! Very clever use of the mirror.)

I can tell a lot of thought went into your entry.

Great job!
I have to admit that I must not be as clever as the others who have commented. I was lost at the beginning, trying to figure out who or what Lous was. Now that I've read their comments, I went back and read the ending about looking in the mirror and went, "duh!" Great approach and so clever. Never would have caught the title=soul backwards. :)
I have to admit that, like the previous commenter, I didn't "get it" at first. I went back and re-read it and found it to be very nice. I really like the soul-lous reversal. Good job.
I loved your entry - you set a lovely tone with this slightly whimspical handling of soul - it was so sincere and passionate as well, in a way - passionate for holy living. There are some real gems of insight into soul-care here. Superb! Bravo!
What a clever entry! On first reading, it seemed like a parent with a very lost teenager trying desperately to get them back on track until I read it again. And get back on trip you did! Thanks for sharing.