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Lots to think about here! Watch for a few spelling errors. I enjoyed your message.
I like this. I have to say, I am convinced that most of us Christians are struggling with many things we don't want to give up. Some of us honestly just don't want to. It just makes me think we need to be more honest with ourselves and each other and stop trying to fit into the 'Christian'mold. God looks at our hearts, thankfully, not our outer workings(Thank You God!) Only He is fit to judge us. This piece made me think. Thank you.
This definitely made me think - I really liked your first paragraph in particular. It definitely drew me in.
Thank you for reminding me of the Truth this a.m. It is true that we will all be sitting together at the GREAT feast...and yet there are so many that will not fellowship with others because of doctrinal differences. As stated by St. Augustine "In the essentials unity, in the non-essentials diversity and in all things charity." To which I heartily cry, AMEN!
I have my utensils on hand an am waiting...
Be blessed!
I like the invitation. This means transformed lives and so many of us like the way we are; we just resist change.
Overall this is good. Watch for spelling errors. A good edit would do wonders for this piece. Keep writing