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nice job well done
I am SO not a poet, that I must confess at once that I am really incompetent to comment on the poetic qualities of this piece. I liked this entry, however.

I was a little unsettled by what seemed to be a point-of-view shift from some stanzas to the next: sometimes it seems as if the speaker is God, and sometimes the poet. At first I thought the shorter stanzas were the poet, and the rest were God, but that doesn't work.

One of the real strengths in this piece that I saw was the way you started to grapple with the profound question of why God doesn't make it easier to be a Christian ... your beautiful phrase of "an angel sitting with your soul".

There were one or two places where my nitpicking theological radar beeped at little things I disagreed with: in particular, I'm prettty sure the awesome Holy One does not find any sin "endearing." That said, I think I know what you were trying to say, and it is hard to express!

Good job, and keep writing for his glory!