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Strong message, my friend! I could just imagine myself at a tent crusade, hearing you preach this...You certainly have the heart and the gift for it!

When your message is put on paper, unfortunately you have the inconvenience of having to think about nasty little details of grammar and spelling, like putting questions marks where there's a question, apostrophes where there's a possessive case, etc. Also, you want to watch homonyms (words that sound alike but are spelled differently). In this case, "hear" = here,
"Wright" = right, "Wether" = whether, etc.)

Please don't feel badly about this comment. Many good communicators have never mastered these details, and rely on computer spellcheck, as well as editors and literary friends to comb through before they submit. Just keep on writing from your heart, and it will come!

I like the acronym for Gospel. Some refining will make this a great article. :)