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Beautifully written. Very impressive!!!! The message was powerful and I loved the way you tied in that verse in the end. Our faith (even when it's tiny) is still an ABUNDANCE of faith when compared to the enemy. Great job. Keep writing and keep working on your dialogue. Great work!
Creative concept! I would have liked to know what Steven was being tempted in - would have connected me a bit more. But I got the gist and the fact that he resisted and held fast to his abundant faith was an excellent message. The voice of Chata was chilling and powerful. Steven's voice didn't quite match it. With some polishing, this story could be really great. An excellent "Beginner" for sure! Keep up the great work.
Very good and to the point. I like the way you wove the two thoughts with faith being the victor. Nicely done.
Very good. The title caught me. I still am not sure who Chata is, but sounds like he's a demon! Yes, his voice was chilling. I can't help but hope I never hear that!! I was feeling like I was right there in the car.
I like how what Chata has to say got smaller and smaller as the main character began relying on God. Good job!
Nice job and good message... One thing I found though.. Chata being literally "to sin" i thought should have been chet which is to say "Sin." The first is more an action of doing so, where the chet is the sin itself.
Excellent writing, Lucas! You cleverly set the stage for the suspense by veiling Chata's identity in a kind of opening riddle. His character's voice is very clear. All you need now is to develop Steven's dilemma to match the power of Chata's boasting. This superbly creative slant on the topic could have easily used up all 750 words while keeping your readers glued to the page! What a marvelous start...Looking forward to more!
Absolutely wonderful in every way! I don't think it matters what he was tempted by, the point is he overcomes through faith.
I love the strong message woven in this story.
Very good--I was really drawn in by the beginning monologue by Chata, and the rest did not disappoint. Nice job.
Very good. I liked the way you showed the battle between good and evil. We must all take up the shield of faith. Keep writing.
Good job Lucus. I sure would've liked to read more of this story. You caught my attention right from the get go.

Lucas, this was awesome. You won't be in Beginners long. You are a gifted and talented wordsmith. Great job.