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A nice view of abundance. I love gardening too. I've read lately that writing with fewer adjectives is better but the thought of it makes me cringe. I love your adjectives. A very pretty portrait. Keep writing. Stef.
Wonderful visual! Flowers always give me a vision of Paradise as well. Good job!
I, too, love descriptive words. I could smell the flowers as I read this although I must admit that some of the flowers were unfamiliar. I enjoyed your "Summer Blooms" -- thanks! :)
Wow, you put me right smack in the middle of your garden with your lovely, flowing descriptions! I like the ending, too. I'm left with the feeling you have so much more to share here than you did...Perhaps you could strengthen this piece by developing some aspect of God's abundance in connection with each kind of bloom, for instance. An excellent start to something yet bigger and better, I think! Keep writing!
Since you're painting a word picture here, the adjectives are appropriate, but I'd be wary of them if you wrote, say, a short story in this style. This is truly lovely, and you've done a nice job portraying the topic.
I like it. Each word is like a carefully placed stroke brushed on a canvas in full bloom. Great job.
Oh how beautiful! I felt as if I were there taking it all in. Thank you so much for sharing Summer Blooms with us.

I like so many others love your adjectives. From one gardener to another, I was delighted with your beautiful, lovely, dramatic, sensuous, tantilizinng, aromatic (ok I made my point, I'll go now) garden scene.