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A fire must be devastating, but it sometimes takes that for us to realize how blessed we are. Nice work.
What a powerful lesson to learn. The picture of the lovely dress dusted with ashes tells the story well with its nostalgic touch. Well told.
Excellent work! Your style is very skillful for a level 1 writer. I like the way you tied the temporal to the spiritual: "The fire that had ravaged our home had also done a job on our souls." Great opening, nice, tight wrap-up. You're gonna go far!
Well written, great lesson that came as a result of the fire.
This was so good! Your opening was perfect! Then the descriptions you used to show us how badly the fire destroyed their things was excellent! You tied it up with a great lesson!! Great writing!:)
Very well written, your descriptions are vivid. A touching piece full of realism. Move up a level, you are no beginner.
Sometimes it takes a tragedy to see what we are believing in - our stuff, or God. Good job. Keep writing.
This is an excellent devotion-type story. I liked the way you began the article with that particular Scripture verse and the linen dress.

You have some wonderful word pictures here, like the living room that looked like a "Salvador Dali exhibition". Uplifting ending, too.

I wasn't sure how well Romans 5:17 fit the rest of the article other then having a reference to abundance. Your article already dealt very well with the abundance of earthly treasures we all seem to accumulate in married life. An over-all excellent job!
Excellent writing - one of my favourites.
I agree with the other comments, and will mention also that you have a great title. Good job.
Well written with a great message.

You did a wonderful job on this piece. Very inightening and well done.