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I like the way you told this story from the foolish man's position. How many of us are so guilty at some point in our lives of feeling as he did. How many of us could honestly answer as the Master would hope? Good job!
Well written. I am left feeling this Simon is in denial...feeling defensive...and yet he just might "Get it" before it is too late. Very good as it left that wondering and a hope that he will "get it" in time! Keep writing.
I'm a little stunned. Well, actually, very convicted. This was a powerful piece. I'm speechless. Well done.
I love biblical fiction, and you've done a great job of looking at Jesus through Simon's eyes. Linking him with the man in Jesus' parable who wanted to renovate his barns helps get the point across; the Lord could well have had him in mind when He told that story. Keep up the good work.
The Cost indeed. Excellent story.
This was an excellent piece. You made the story of the rich man who hoarded come alive. It IS convicting. One sentence struck me. It's a great use of irony when the man says, "With your position in the Sanhedrin you are well set for life." Indeed, he was, but, as your piece pointed out, life wasn't the end of it. Fresh innovation. Good job!
Very good "It-might-have-happened-this-way". Excellent piece of writing.
You have so many comments already, yet i just wanted to tell you that this style of writing is so beautiful to me, the chosen words, and discriptions. I enjoyed the read.