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I love this! 24 hrs. of abundance...and you actually made a list! I think this is a great idea to practice daily...If we did this we would certainly live a life of praise! Thankyou for the idea and your well written article.
Wow! What a day! I can certainly relate to much of this story. You might want to consider "tightening" it a bit. Ask yourself if there is anything in there that doesn't directly relate to the point you're trying to make.Otherwise, nicely done! Now if we could only acknowlege our blessings in the midst of our struggles, that would really ease the burden!
What a day indeed. I could almost feel her headache. Good writing.
You're right--it's a choice what we focus on in life. I love your list of abundances! You illustrate your lesson so well in this uplifting testimony!
What a wonderful list of abundance!
What a refreshing attitude. I think I have your headache now. lol. Good job.
It's tough to see the positive in the midst of the "un-nice" of life. Thanks for doing such a good job of seeing beyond the nasties.
Kaylaugh, if we'd count our abundant blessings every day we would never complain. I've found myself doing this on occasion...should be doing it more often. Thank-you for the reminder.

One thing, when ever you refer to God as the "Son" you should capitalize. It was probably just a typo but one that jumps off the page for me.

Beautiful story--I love the vivid descriptions in themselves as well as the message of hidden blessings. I can see and feel everything going on with the main character. Also enjoy the opening with the daughter's terse, "Wake up!"