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Can't help much with poetry except to say I liked it. Felt sort of Song of Solomon-ish. Not sure about words like hassle in a piece that felt more classic. It distracted me, for whatever reason.
Poetry written from the heart is always meaningful. A prosody issue or two, and an adverb without need; but otherwise a solid piece of poetry.
This is very lovely--I really likes the last stanza, with its "fountain of grace."

My only suggestion would be to even out the meter in a few places. It's a beautiful poem and well worth perfecting.
Sweet reminder" I too am no judge of poetry, even though I write it. Shows peace is a gift, it is a place, it is Him. I enjoyed it.
I really liked your piece. Especially the last four lines. Keep writing!
This was lovely. The rythem needs a couple of tweaks but otherwise well done.
This is very nice. I agree with Jan on smoothing the meter in a couple places, but you did a good job on this.
Dear Patricia,

In response to your "desperate" request, here are a few specifics.

Several of your rhymes are forced rhymes. That means they don't match 100%. (prepared & affairs, grace & haste, melody & body, bless & best). You can get away with forced rhymes occasionally, but it's distracting when there are so many in a short poem.

To check the meter or rhythm, try tapping your foot to a steady beat while you're reading the poem out loud. If you find yourself squishing in extra syllables per beat, then you need to tighten things up a bit. For example, "Your burden, my beloved, I would carry with ease" could be shortened to "Your burden, Beloved, I'd carry with ease".

One last thing that tripped me up a bit was the past-tense references to the place of peace. "A place that was perfect" and "this peace was a work of art". The past tense makes it sound like the peace is not as good now, in the present. I think if you changed it into present tense, it would carry a stronger message.

Having said all that, I have to agree with Jan. It's a beautiful piece that's worth perfecting. Please don't give up! YOU have a beautiful peace that shines through in all of your work, and it's to everyone's benefit that you keep writing. Bless you, sweet lady!
(Clicked on the Link in Hints and here I am--smart move!) Beautiful poem. Gave me a sense of peace and comfort in the arms of the Savior. Thank you.
Amy N.
Patricia, this is a beautiful poem! You've really captured the essence and beauty of His Peace. Lovely!
Patricia, this was good. I tend to be carried away by the wave of the beauty until the ripples of "errors" don't spoil the taste. I am a perfectionist but however much I try, errors still pop up here and there. No one is perfect. That is why God's grace is available for us.

As long as you communicate something that will touch someone's life, that would win in Christ's judgement.
Well done!