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I would like to have read more from you on meaning and purpose and how they fit together in a Christian's life, from your perspective.

You have a good start here, you just need more--length, detail, examples, etc.

Keep working on your writing skills, and God bless.
Very good thoughts and suggestions. A little more would have been nice. Keep writing for His glory!
One thing that will sparkle up your writing is word choice. Find interesting nouns and verbs especially that will give your writing something special.

I really like your point about helping others, and even helping helpers! Very nice.
Good article with very interesting comparisons.
I would suggest maybe choosing other words which define the same thing but with a different stroke of the brush, so to speak. For instance, the word "help" was used seven times in the last half of the article. Not counting the use of the word "helping" which was used twice. Using different phrases such as "giving of yourself", "meeting their need", "served", "reached out" just to coin a few, would help keep repetitive words from distracting away from the important message you desire to convey. You have great thoughts in your writing. Keep up the good work.
Your message is something we can all afford to take to heart. I agree with George & Jan's comments so there's not much else to add. Good job. Keep it up.