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Great testimony! It's true: giftedness makes a person just as painfully 'different' and isolated as a deficiency. The agony is just more hidden. Bless you for sharing.
I could relate to what you were saying. One of my sons was abused by a great uncle when he was six. However, our immediate family stood behind him...through two age 16. We lost the final trial, the older part of our family deserted us (He was just a child. Why can't he say he doesn't remember?)

Meanwhile, this handsome, popular, athletic son went through years of Hell, including drinking, drugs and several suicide attempts. Most people find it hard to believe, but it really doesn't matter what's on the outside if the inside is suffering.

He now leads a very blessed life at age 26. Stand up and say what happened to you, and be who you are...because God and I think you're fine! You're not're better! God bless!