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I really like this! It's plain to see you're an exhorter/encourager, and you did a wonderful job bringing the point home about "bloom where you're planted.

Keep smiling as you write. There's real promise here!
Your article made ME smile! It's so true that just a smile can make a huge difference. I find your writing to make for easy reading and very insightful. Keep at it!
You have a creative mind with an unlimited amount of insight. You truly write from the heart. :) Please only take my suggestion as a form of help - not a criticism. Try to write your next challenge by steering clear of phrases such as "When I think of purposefulness or "Purposefulness is.." Just jump into a creative story and let all your great ideas unravel. Your message of the topic can even be less obvious as your choice of characters, dialog and storyline are revealed a bit at a time. Keep writing! You are moving right along with all others who are beginning writers. It's all about learning, doing, growing. :) Keep it up.
Oh, and you're so right about purpose. Many times it comes in the form of simple things as in an infectious smile! Terrifice insight. Sometimes we are too busy looking for the bigger stuff, we miss the small, very important things. Blessings. :)