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It's so lovely to be able to look at little snippets of life through another's eyes. Thank you for this adorable story. It could be a little more vivid if the children's features were described and you brought out their personalities more.
I can SO relate to this, but our aren't able to play on their own like that -yet. I'm just thankful for those times I can take a bath without getting toys dropped on me head :)

Try to have more variations in your sentances:

"He and David fight so, though." and "I’m glad for this little break, though."

"It’s been especially difficult lately." and "Sarah has been so cranky lately."

A nice slice of life, and reminder that it does get better!
You have the creative heart for composing an endearing story. This expressed so well the exhaustion that comes with the territory---wanting to be everything we hope to be, but too human not to need that "refill" time. God bless you with all of His best!
This is so touching! I loved the mother's thoughts to herself. very well crafted, yet I felt like it jumped around in different tenses. But you did a very good job and captured joy very well.!