The Official Writing Challenge
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Loved the title. You have some great lines here, ie: the 32 and 64 teeth, happiness not being found in happenings, and that one about the tomatoes was hilarious. The message was apt. Good job.
Very strong ending. It made me smile. :-)
cute ending. Good job.
I love this take on joy! The ending is wonderful! Well written!!
Awesome. Your stroy flowed extremly well. Your message was perfect and not forced. You did a very good job with this one!!!
Just happened on this piece by accident. Love it! The end made me laugh out loud.
What I forgot to add was that the piece would stand perfectly well ( I think better) without the first 2 paragraphs. If you watch the MBs, you'll know that Deb says people are very unlikely to place if they refer to the challenge in any way in their piece. It would be a shame for you to disadvantage yourself in that way becasue I think you've got real talent.
Loved this one, especially the ending. Gave me a real reason to laugh, and have that deep hidden joy come to the surface.
Have to agree, the reference to the challenge should have been deleted.
I love this piece. Great message with great humor. Very impressive.

So, how many cans of tomato sauce did you make?
This is absolutely delightful, and polished to boot. You are destined for higher levels, if you keep up this caliber of writing. I am very impressed, and I'll have to put this in my "favorites," so I find out who you are. I want to read more :) God bless your writing!
p.s. I hope you place, even if the Message Boards warn against your "writing challenge" introduction. I happen to think the way you began your story was quite charming and did a nice job setting the stage for what follows. One opinion, anyway!