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Cute! Very catchy and oh so true at times.
Very true. We (the body of Christ) need to get back to the basics, learning to love, to share, to forgive, and to serve one another. Thank you
Cute poem, with a catchy rhythm that works a lot of the time. It's always wroth reading a poem aloud to see if there's anywhere your tongue stumbles. Keep writing.
How cool--I wrote a piece with multiple limericks once, too! It's a fun form to write in, isn't it? Great message, almost Revelation-like in its appraisal of two very different churches. Be sure to scan for rhythm, which should be nearly perfect in a "defined" form like the limerick. I enjoyed this.
This is a good message. I agree, if you read it out loud it will help you with your rythem. I enjoyed the limerick style.
A fun read! Bet you enjoyed writing it!
very cute. i'm not much of a poetry person but this was fun
I really liked the limerick format! It seems to fit with a story-telling type of poem. There were some really fun phrases in there, too. "When it came time to share
They just put on an air," - says a lot!
I agree with Anita on this one. The strength is in the style. I enjoyed reading this.
Like this alot!! Very cute and fun.