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This is really good stuff. I suggest you put some white space between paragraphs - that lack almost caused me not to read it, and that would have been my loss. Congratulations.
"long shots and pipe dreams" sounds like an intriguing title for future writing! You have a poet's flair for words, for sure! I enjoyed reading this and look forward to discovering the author. God bless your writing!
Really nicely written, but you DO need to break it into short-ish paragraphs, and space them as Lynda suggests. Such a shame to let your writing talent go undetected becasue the dense page of writing puts the reader off. Keep up the good work!
Here's a suggestion to get rid of that pesky "formatting" problem. If you type in Word, single space, and don't indent. Then be sure to put a double space between each paragraph. Finally, when you're submitting your story, hit "preview" before you hit "submit", and you'll be able to see what your final entry looks like, and add more spaces if needed. Once it's all okay, hit "submit."

Don't be discouraged, please--your writing is very high quality, and you're likely to move up in the levels, once you've got this paragraph thing down pat.
This is simply fabulous! I don't know how I missed reading it before. Thanks for sharing this encouraging story.