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Interesting take on Job's story. Nicely done, kept me reading, and held my interest. Good amount of dialogue :)
Yes, I agree, creative take on the story of Job!
ABSOLUTELY GREAT! I'm sorry I don't think you have been given near the credit you deserve in the above comments.I see a superb story line, written in classic C.S.Lewis style...and unless I missed something, I see perfect spelling, grammar, and scentence structure.If we are serious about this craft these are issues that count...not just great ideas.Congratulations on a very fine piece of Christian literature...I'm in here too,but hope you win!
You certainly have a flair for words. This is excellent writing, and you are definitely destined for higher levels, as this is creatively and technically flawless, as I see it. God bless your work!
I agree with everyone. It kept my interest all the way through. Good job. You have my nomination for a winner
Very well written. A strong beginning, and end, and the middle was good too! Well done.
This is superb!
A little work on punctuation, structure, and tenses and you have a valuable piece. Thanks for posting - keep working.
Congrats on your win...well deserved! This was an awesome read. If you wrote a novel I would buy it. Keep up the awesome work.

You're a talented storyteller, deserving of your place. Congrats on the win!
Cristy, I just noticed you won 7th in Editors Choice as well as your 1st place win in Beginners. A beginner won an Editors Choice...this is simply awesome. Keep up the great work. Oh and I've added you to my favorites.

I'm delighted to see your name up in lights with your winning entry! Congratulations and God bless you with all His best!
This is truly a magnificent job!! You deserve all the praise for this piece. Again congratulations!!!