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I like the analogy. Your story flowed so nicely and kept me reading.
This is delightful, well-written, full of nostalgia and home-grown wisdom. Good stuff.
Your piece gave me goosebumps. It was so well written I never would have guessed it was in level 1. You need to win for this one. Great job!
Very nicely done for Beginner level. I too enjoyed your analogy comparing yourself to a tattered quilt. You've shown skill and ability to mold a story with meaning. I can walk away with your analogy and ponder it for myself. Thanks. Good job!
Good writing here! I agree, this is TOPS for a beginner!
This is a good story, no doubt true. I liked the flow that kept me reading to the end.
Lovely. Now tell me, did ou know this proverb before, or did you find it especially for the challenge?! I'd ceratinyl never noticed it in Proverbs before. I love the line about diligence being the seam of her life. Good stuff.
This writing is so well done, creatively, inspirationally, and technically (not a flaw in sight), all I can say is, I wish I had written it! :) God bless your writing. I expect to find you at higher levels before long!
This is so beautifully done. My grandmother made each one of my children a quilt when they were small. She's been gone for 10 year, but they still have them. Worn, torn, and frazzled. They treasure their quilts that Great Nanny made them.

You drew such a lovely word picture. I could see every stitch.
Very nice. Watch split infinitives and delete the 2nd. person reference in an early paragraph. A heartfelt touching story nonetheless.
Beautiful job. I can just see them, and I feel as if I know your grandmother. Lovely.