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What a neat twist on Proverbs 31. A great, updated version that keeps the refernece text pure.
Very nicely done. For me, all that kissing and hand holding was a bit much, but perhaps that's because I'm British(!) In any case, good job. Hope you do well with this.
This is cute, but it's difficult to "place" in time--you updated it with the couch and the interview format, but then left it in the past with the steeds and the lamps, etc. A version entirely set in the 21st century might be less confusing?
Being a short drama writer myself, I love the twist on the Proverbs 31. I have many suggestions for it if this is something that you are planning to perform but I think that it could be alot of fun at a marriage event.

Two things that jumped out #1 the use of Marriage Conferance as your setting isn't clearly defined. It needs to be either that they are obviously being interviewed at a marriage conferance or there needs to be other contestants.(In my opinion :))

#2 The second thing is to be careful of the choice of statements for instance would somebody truly attribute their wealth even in part to their confidence in their wife? His confidence should be obvious through the dialog(implied but not directly stated)

I think this a great take on the topic and I (of course :))love the genre! Well done!