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I'm sorry to see that you've had to wait until Sunday to get any comments on this lovely poem. Some wonderful phrases and images here. Keep writing. God bless
This is a lovely, lovely poem with some VERY good writing and wonderful phrases.

I do wish the ending was a little different, using a different image than one you had already used.

I particularly liked "flooding our souls with heaven's sweetest music", and "...who touches our wintry despair with His amazing love"

Thanks for writing this, keep entering! Looking forward to reading more of your work.
Okay, I just looked at the end again - and I do love the image of the sunrise over the mountains of life, because life IS such a series of mountains we must traverse.

So... maybe use a different image in the beginning instead...?
I read this poem and I liked the words and the meaning was peaceful and beautiful. However, reality is that our life on earth with Christ isn't all that perfect. We are constantly being attacked by the enemy, the closer we walk with the Lord. I did like your poem have talent my friend, keep it up!
To find out only today that you wrote this for me...Bless you for every sweet phrase of this poem. I understood it's meaning and it blessed my day and my life. You are a precious daughter of a loving Heavenly Father and it shows in your poetry. May He bless you in all your future efforts on His behalf. Love, Val
Some delightful images here, Miriam. Love 'wintry despair' and the way the poem goes full circle, starts with sunrise and ends with sunrise. Don't be discouraged. Across FWs few people comment on poetry. It's a genre that many feel out of their depth discussing. I hope that this isn't the last we see of your work.
Very heartfelt and meaningful writing. I hope you continue to show us your love of Christ.
You sure have the heart of a poet. As I read, I see a young pilgrim pressing on toward the goal, encouraged by the rising sun of hope, in spite of the storms all around.

I'm so happy Valora alerted us to find this beautiful poem you wrote for her. Thank you for your encouraging words. God bless your writing!
This is a beautiful picture of hope. Lovely discriptions!