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I think the problem I have with this is that God does not tell us to stay in an abusive situation. We can walk away and still stand in prayer for that person. It was well written, and it made me think, even if to disagree and isn't that what writing is suppose to do?
Yes, I would NEVER advise any woman to allow their husband to steal the food from his children's mouths or to keep his wife living in fear of her life. The selfishness in this is not just the husband's behaviour, but the wife's too in choosing to stay and put God's creations at risk, herself included.
What a terrible struggle. Prayer is necessary, but you needed immediate help out of such a dangerous situation. Your story was well written and brought out the pain the wife was experiencing very well.
Thank you for your comments and concerns regarding my story. The selfishness I wanted to show was my own, not my husbands. This story tells only an 'hour' of darkness. I did not keep my children and I in danger. Under the authority of my father-in-law, my father, and my pastor, I got a protective order against my husband. God is faithful and He has delivered my husband and restored our marriage. Day by day I have watched God transform him into a godly man. Jesus wins no matter how dark the problem - just trust Him and WAIT.
How could I leave the reader with these uncertainties? I thought the promise in the verse summed it up. His Word cannot lie. By God's grace, I believed and obeyed and now the promise is mine! I realize this story is not finished without the happy ending.
Thank you for letting us know that your trust in God as you waited for His solution has brought you out of the darkness. Blessings.
I loved your story - now I want to read the rest of it! Keep on writing, I see a lot of potential in you - you make the words become visual.
Awesome writing, Crista. A powerfully told story. Most people have not had to lay down their lives quite as literally as you have. I'm glad you got help when it was too much. And I'm even more glad you chose life for the sake of your family and all of us who have the blessing of knowing you through your writing.

It took great transparency and courage to share your testimony with us. God bless your willingness to not only lay down your life, but to share your pain with us all. I agree that there is great potential here. May God always be glorified in your writing, as He has been here. Blessings, Cheri
There is not much more I can add. I have not been in such a situation as to comment, other than, to say, sometimes we all stay in circumstances longer than we should, but God's grace leads us to His will, ever-interceding on our behalf. You boldly speak what so many live. I admire your courage and respect your faithfulness to the Father. God continue to bless you and your family. - Nancy