The Official Writing Challenge
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First comes the creative output, free-flowing ideas, which you have, here. But, without the discipline of the rewrite, your potential readers might miss your good message. Draw your readers in with visual appeal. A long paragraph does the opposite of what the writer wants to do (intice a reader into your message). Keep working---this is a good start!
Thanks for your enthusiasm and encouragement. I can feel your fire! If you would seperate your points into paragraphs, leaving some white space between them, it would be easier to read and make your points stand out clearly. What ever you do, keep stepping out and encouraging others to do the same. The body of Christ needs infectious, enthusiastic saints like you.
God "spoke" to me through your sharing! I have been arguing with God about stepping out to share what He puts in my mouth.

And, yes, you do need to put this into paragraphs to make it much easier to read and understand. But the message still comes through loud and clear.

Blessings Abundant,
Blessings as you work on developing your ministry!

Watch out for here / hear, and work on using less "churchified" words and phrases. For those of us brought up in church, they are used so much as to have lost some of their meaning, and to the un-churched, they sound almost like a different language. It's obvious that you have the writing ability--reach for ways to make your thoughts sparkle!