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Thank you for sharing your testimony. I love the way you describe your husband sleeping with God holding his hand. As a nephrologist, I was particularly struck by this piece.
Thanks for sharing this testimony so that others can glean from your sense of peace and inner strength during a very scary time. Glory to God for all that he has done in your lives and will continue to do!
Your story brought tears to my eyes. I know what it's like when your husband gets sick. Mine has gone through a less life threatening illness, and I give the glory to God for helping him through to recovery. It was God who gave me strength too. Sometimes people forget that the wife suffers right along with her spouse...but God doesn't! You reminded me of God's wonderful grace once again. Thank you!
LIFE IS IN THE SPIRIT! It's wonderful when God's healing power restores our physical health, and yet, the glory of God is so evident in your story of how you both "are so alive in the Peace and Joy of the HOLY SPIRIT." That has to be a marvelous testimony of Christ to those around you.
Blessings Abundant,
"...sleeps as God is holding his hand..." Very lovely!