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Great devotional. Great application. I come from gold mining country and remember well the hunt for what always turned out to be fool's gold.
Thanks Linda. I can't believe I goofed and wrote a "d" instead of an "s" in Fool's Gold. Thanks for noticing that it's meant to be "fool's"
I think you've got some beautiful sentences here - great expressions. And I too remember going panning for gold but only finding fool's gold.

So ... Janelle Bailey, eh ... not possibly Janelle from GBC???? Send me a personal message (hit PM) if you are. Either way, you're obviously a fellow Aussie - great to have you on the site and looking forward to seeing you around more.
Woops ... not 'hit pm' but click on my name.

Again, I love this!
Reminiscent and a great analogy. I think this was well written, and I loved your last line. I'm an Aussie too, so welcome!
Hi, I didn't know there were so many Aussies on Faithwriters. Nice to meet you all. Susannah, not sure if I know what GBC is. Perhaps you're thinking of another Janelle Bailey.
I obviously am thinking of another Janelle Bailey ... small world. There is a fantastic group of us Aussies and Kiwis in FaithWriters - come and visit the FaithWriters message boards - we've started a special thread just to welcome you. You'll need to register for it, but it is easy. Here's the link to the 'Welcome Janelle' thread:

I probably shouldn't be using the comments section here for chatter ... but don't know how else to reach you ... come to the message boards though, and you'll see a warm welcome.
After deleting the two "ands" in the first sentence...this entry is a perfect example of a well honed devotional. Well done...and makes an important point. Nice job.
Well done! Devotionals are best when given out in small, tasty bites, and this is a perfect example.
A great little devotional that fits the topic nicely. Well done.
And G'day from another Aussie!
A beautiful devotion. I can only repeat what has been said above. Well done.