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This is beautiful - You did a great job.
This was so good!! Great job all the way through!
Un-uh. This is not in beginners. I had to go back and check. Very nice. Very smooth reading and very well told. At least, that's my opinion! :))
A beautiful tribute to your mother! I especially love the line when you say she is fulfilled with your life-how true that we find fulfillment in our children. Much, I'm sure, as God finds in us!
Very, very nice!
Very well done. A picky note, the paragraph with the taxi needs a transition to the train. Otherwise this essay is way underclassed being placed in Beginners, this is Master's level work.
Excelllent writing here! I agree--You're talent surpasses Level 1.

Keep writing...You have talent!
I just embarrased myself....I meant to say "your" talent exceeds Level 1....

Again, excellent work!!
I'm jealous. My dreams are usually about doing the dishes or changing diapers. I wish I could dream up something as beautiful as this! As others have already said, I don't think you'd be out of place if and when you decide to move up to the next level. Well done.
I LOVE the whole piece, but especially your descriptions. You had me hooked from the moment you talked of the contrast between that airport and the JFK airport, with the bouganvillea covering the fence etc. It got even better as I read along.

It's none of my business, of course, but I think you should be moving up, as several other comments have mentioned too. This is great writing!
Very touching story. I especially liked her savvy in the airport! Well done.
WAY to go VAl!!! Time to move up! You did great!!
Congrats Val!

Glad to see you finally claimed your well deserved win. Now you get to move up!!!!

I was a judge last week and this one really stuck out. Great Job!
I can see why this one is a winner! Well done. I particularly loved the airport scene. Had me smiling. My fav phrase 'The wind billowed cooperatively. Yeggy
OK, you asked me for a deep critique, but I honestly can't find much to change. This is great! I laughed out loud at the line "I knew this for a fact because I understood Italian perfectly." LOL! Congrats on your win!
This was a very nice piece. I agree that it is above the level of a beginner: excellent grammar, the story moves along well, good descriptive words. Having been in Italy for a vacation, I could picture most of it - except the airport. What I noticed was the military presence - with guns. But that was Rome.

All in all a wonderful story. Congratulations on your win.

Karen Deikun
Beautifully written, and so glad the Judges saw it as I did. A Winner! So touching, so moving, so well done. Kudos.