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What a wonderful testimony and word of encouragement!

I think you probably mean "about HIM and his recovery",— that's minor. But I am still trying to figure out: "It is contentment after anticipation of turning blank pages filled from margin to margin." But other than that, this was well done.
I liked this very much--you are an expert at your craft. I didn't understand the references to El Paso, which seemed to reference some "inside" information, and didn't seem to have much to do with the heart of your piece. Loved your ironic response to the 2 inches of rejections! Very entertaining voice.
'In Ezekiel 12:23, I read, “The days draw near as well as the fulfillment of every vision.”' This speaks to me as a PROMISE (rather than a 'slap') that God is in the process of allowing your long-term dream to come true! I am so happy for you, kindred spirit! Often God does seem to side-track us (in our opinion!) with interruptions. Only later do we realize this was part of His will for us all along. And, now we have all these good, true-to-life stories/illustrations to write about! I'm adding you to my 'favorites!'
Nice piece on the life of a Writer or a "wannabe Writer". I enjoyed it. I am wondering if the word imitating was meant to be intimidating; but otherwise it sparked new life in this Writer. Thanks for sharing. (PS. I too must be a good Writer because my rejections measure MORE than 2"
A blessing.
Thank you.