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This is a great story. I always admire those writers who can inject so much humour in a tight situation. That scene in the hotel was awesome. Father coming to the rescue at the end after Hunter's reminder for prayer just clinched it for me.
This story was great. I could tell you took the time to make this story "perfect." Each word contributed tons. You did a great job on this article.
That blue-haired woman is a great character! Cute story.
Valora! This was yours? I already left a comment, but I must commend you. This was fabulous (like I said before.) lol
A humorous story for sure! AND...Well written also, Thanks for sharing!
I love this! Really good writing!

Brought back a few aromatic memories...we've got tons of skunks out here...
Oh the joys of family trips! :) Well done :)
dear Val,

This is great work and good humour. Keep writing. You are a gifted writer.

Great story! I love the "the cell phone is dead, the car is dead and the skunk is dead" line. As requested, I will send you a more detailed critique. :-)
"Terry, the cell phone is dead, the car is dead and the skunk is dead. Whats next? LOL. Great humour and well written. I'm so thankful we don't have skunks downunder (no smelly animals really). Good writing. Blessings, Jules.

Very funny, a great read. Clever mix of fact and fiction. Out of the mouths of babes....
What a fun read! I enjoyed it very much. My favorite line: blue hair spiked high like a peacock past its prime. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction! :-)