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Nicely done. I don't think you needed this: (help) which appeared a couple of times. I loved your definition of H.E.L.P. Good job.
I loved this definition of HELP - Humility, Effort, Love and Perseverance. I'm sure I will remember this and use it as I work to persevere in humility and love in each of my trying situations! Great lesson here.

I hope you decide to keep entering, I enjoy your writing.
This was a nice daily devotional piece. Cute and obvious, but catchy enough that the chior will sing the chorus again.
Perfect little devotional for writers. Good job!
Thanks everyone for your comments. I will try and enter another challenge piece.
I love your anagram! I'd suggest that you avoid dictionary definitions; it's such a common device that many gloss over them. Your dialog with God was very compelling. Good job!
I liked the dialogue you had with the Lord, demonstrating to all of us (again, Lord?) that we cannot do this thing called writing without the Lord's guidance and words. Your 'click, click...delete, delete' sequence was something to which every writer could relate. 'P is for perseverance. I never give up on you. Therefore, never give up on your writing assignments. People need to know that I care and will help.' impacted me most because I tend to give up when the struggle is difficult. Thanks for sharing! (Please don't quit!)
Sandra, thanks for your comment. This writer is known for her tenacity. I never give up even when I'm wrong!
A nice way to convey help - nicely done. :)
There is a smoothness in your writing. Your technique is fine. When I read your words, they flow smoothly. Your message is also strong and right on point. The one weakness I see in this piece is content. You chose to use your outstanding skill on a storyline that was not worthy of your abilities. I would have liked to see what you could do showing this story to me. The author conflicted, struggling, near quitting. Finally turning to he rultimate inspiration, God, who provides reassurance and draws her back from the breaking point. I think you have a great future in writing. Be confident. Step up and wrestle the big stories.