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Wherever Shana is, God's there too. A very moving picture. Well done. Lord willing there will be a second part to the story to tell us about how God found Shana.
I know girls like Shana--this is a very moving piece, almost poetic. Good job.
This disturbed me, which is good. If disturbing to read, how much worse to experience. Makes me want to pray for the Shanas out there. Advice? Some hope would be nice. Keep writing.
I liked it. Actually, I feel the bones were really good and this could have been longer. Although, you may have wanted to keep it short for more of an impact. Nicely done - and keep writing. Jo :)
I know girls that have lived to tell about torment like this. I would also like for your character to find hope.You put so much emotion into your writing. Gritty yet well done.
This is a style I love, love, love! I was trying to think of a way to include 'hope' in a piece like this and I might have an idea. ;)